Welcome to Musicacrossasia,
Here, you can read song lyrics all over Asia such as Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnam and much more.

Why I made this blog? it's because I'm a Chinese music lover, but the problem is I don't understand Chinese even just read it, music is universal isn't it?
To sing and understand the song lyrics, I googled it, but sometimes there's some of my favorite song that has no lyrics with romanization and translation on websites or blogs, as well on Google.
So, I made this blog.
Our goals are to make more people able to understand the song better with romanization and translation and promote Asian beautiful song.
If you have a favorite Asian singer/song, let me know and post the lyrics here, let's make world music lovers know your favorite singer/song.

If you have a question, advice, collaboration, works, feel free to contact me at musicacrossasia@gmail.com, I will really happy to know it!

Albert Han

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