Top 10 Best Indonesian Pop Music Songs (with MV!)

Indonesian pop music songs are highly preferred by Indonesian in the 2017's, Although many popular western songs, local songs still got better attention from Indonesian music lovers.

Top 10 Best Indonesian Pop Music Songs

So, we have prepared a complete list of best Indonesian pop music song in 2017 based on some music chart in Indonesia for you!
Here is a complete list of top 10 best Indonesian pop music song in 2017 according to Musicacrossasia.

Updated on December 2017
We have updated some songs on this list, we also added some lyrics, Youtube videos, and iTunes link.

Anji - Dia ( She )

The latest single from former-Drive vocalist, Anji.
This song tells of a smile that had disappeared, then reappeared, because of her...
A calm lovely song with soft music, it's very beautiful . . . if you like a calm song, you must surely hear this song.
See the lyrics with English translation here: Anji - Dia Lyrics with English Translation
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Virgoun - Surat Cinta Untuk Starla ( A Love Letter to Starla )

A beautiful and romantic song from Last Child vocalist, Virgoun.
In an interview, he said that "Surat Cinta Untuk Starla" is told about the clear and sincere feelings of love from a person to another, that feeling contained in this letter and he tries to express it through the song and use lyrics as a medium.
This romantic song is a first solo project from Virgoun, some people might be shocked because of his group band, Last Child is an alternative-rock band which really contrast with this song.
But his brave to "out of the box" gain a lot of praise from Indonesian music lovers, it's proved by his song became one of the Indonesian most popular songs in 2017.

Anyway, we have made "Surat Cinta Untuk Starla" English Translation, you can see it here: Surat Cinta Untuk Starla with English Translation
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Tulus - Ruang Sendiri ( Lonely Space )

With this song, Tulus remind to his listeners that people need his own space in every aspect whether it be friends or couples because If there is a distance between us and the others, there will be a "missing", which is very good to build relationships with others, interesting?

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Virgoun - Bukti (Proof)

Another beautiful song from Virgoun, "Bukti" is a sequel from his first solo single, "Surat Cinta untuk Starla". This song tells the story of one's admiration and gratitude towards the person he loves.

Just like his first single "Surat Cinta untuk Starla" the creative process in the song "Bukti" is no less exciting. In this song Virgoun use paper and pencil medium. The sound of paper tears and the tap of a pencil was heard throughout the song and make this song very easy listening and beautiful.

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Raisa & Isyana Sarasvati - Anganku Anganmu (My Imagination Your Imagination)

The collaboration between two of Indonesia's best female singers has been very long-awaited, and finally it happened this year.
"Anganku Anganmu" tells the story of a person's relationship with her ex-lover which is 'cold-hearted' now. However, she wanted a good relationship both of them. He wants to convey that whatever the purpose, they remain on the same ground and under the same sky.
This song is ranked first in various charts in Indonesia, and the official video music on Youtube has been watched more than 10 million times until now.

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Payung Teduh - Akad (Engagement)

Payung Teduh is an Indonesian alternative band that combines Jazz, Folk, and Keroncong which was formed in 2007. Payung Teduh's popularity increased dramatically after they release his latest song,  "Akad". This song became a favorite in the ears of all Indonesian music lovers, "Akad" music video on Youtube has been watched more than 55 million in three months.
In this song, Payung Teduh depicts the lively atmosphere during the process of marriage engagement. Throughout the song, the Indonesian jazz-Kroncong fusion band elaborates the feeling of optimism and doubt on spending the rest of life with a loved one.

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J.A.Z - Dari Mata ( From the Eyes ) 

Indonesian music lovers should be happy because many talented young singers appear in this year. Besides Rizky Febian, J.A.Z is one of them. "Dari Mata" is a pop / R & B genre which is his debut in Indonesian music industry.
This song is an easy-listening and ear catchy love song, not surprising this song became one of Indonesia's most popular song of the year.

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Tulus - Tukar Jiwa (Exchanging Souls)

Through this song, Tulus wants to tell what it would be like if someone desperate to make others understand and empathize what he felt and think. Poetically, this "Tukar Jiwa" tells us that sometimes the solutions can only be found when we exchanging souls with others, so others will understand what we see and feel at the moment.
This song is part of Tulus' Monokrom album. "Tukar Jiwa" Official Music Video has been watched more than two million times on Youtube.

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Raisa - Kali Kedua ( Second Time ) 

A beautiful song from young and talented singer Raisa,
This song is about the second chance, about two people in love who had parted, and then finally back in love with each other, Kali Kedua is a song which included her latest album, Handmade.

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J-Rocks - Selamat Jalan (Goodbye)

J-Rocks is an Indonesian rock band formed in 2003 with their unique music style. Just like their band name, their music style are mainly heavily influenced by the Japanese style of rock music. This "Selamat Jalan" is one of the songs which included on their latest album. Goodbye tells about the loss of someone left by his dear one, though in the end everyone should be able let his loved one to go. In this music video clip tells us about the couple of traditional dancers who live happily together, but it have to end when the husband must die and leave his lover in this world alone. It was a sad and heartbreaking song.

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Which one is your favorite? Tell us if you know another best Indonesian pop music songs 2017,
Feel free to share this list and add some Indonesian music to your day!
That’s all for our 2017 list. We’ll keep this list of top songs updated.
Thank you!
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