Top 10 Best Indonesian Pop Music Songs (with MV!)

Indonesian pop music songs are highly preferred by Indonesian in the 2017's, Although many popular western songs, local songs still got better attention from Indonesian music lovers.

Top 10 Best Indonesian Pop Music Songs

So, we have prepared a complete list of best Indonesian pop music song in 2017 based on some music chart in Indonesia for you!
Here is a complete list of top 10 best Indonesian pop music song in 2017 according to Musicacrossasia.

Update June 2017.
We have updated some songs on this list, we also added some lyrics, Youtube videos, and iTunes link.

Anji - Dia ( She )

The latest single from former-Drive vocalist, Anji.
This song tells of a smile that had disappeared, then reappeared, because of her...
A calm lovely song with soft music, it's very beautiful . . . if you like a calm song, you must surely hear this song.
See the lyrics with English translation here: Anji - Dia Lyrics with English Translation
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Virgoun - Surat Cinta Untuk Starla ( A Love Letter to Starla )

A beautiful and romantic song from Last Child vocalist, Virgoun.
In an interview, he said that "Surat Cinta Untuk Starla" is told about the clear and sincere feelings of love from a person to another, that feeling contained in this letter and he tries to express it through the song and use lyrics as a medium.
This romantic song is a first solo project from Virgoun, some people might be shocked because of his group band, Last Child is an alternative-rock band which really contrast with this song.
But his brave to "out of the box" gain a lot of praise from Indonesian music lovers, it's proved by his song became one of the Indonesian most popular songs in 2017.

Anyway, we have made "Surat Cinta Untuk Starla" English Translation, you can see it here: Surat Cinta Untuk Starla with English Translation
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Tulus - Ruang Sendiri ( Lonely Space )

With this song, Tulus remind to his listeners that people need his own space in every aspect whether it be friends or couples because If there is a distance between us and the others, there will be a "missing", which is very good to build relationships with others, interesting?

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Rizky Febian - Penantian Berharga ( A Valuable Waiting )

This song is the second single from Rizky Febian got same attention from Indonesian music lovers just like his first single, "Kesempurnaan Cinta" ( Perfection of Love )
This song describes a valuable waiting for someone ( or something ) which at the end we can finally get or achieve it.
In contrast with the previous song, we will hear a falsetto voice from Rizky, and this song also more cheerful than before.
Another Rizky's new song which you should listen is "Cukup Tau".

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Raisa & Isyana Sarasvati - Anganku Anganmu (My Imagination Your Imagination)

The collaboration between two of Indonesia's best female singers has been very long-awaited, and finally it happened this year.
"Anganku Anganmu" tells the story of a person's relationship with his ex-lover which is 'cold-hearted' now. However, the former wanted a good relationship both of them. He wants to convey that whatever the purpose, they remain on the same ground and under the same sky.
This song is ranked first in various charts in Indonesia, and the official video music on Youtube has been watched more than 10 million times until now.

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RAN - Salamku Untuk Kekashimu yang Baru (My Regards to Your New Lover)

In this song, RAN collaborated with one of the senior groups in Indonesia namely Kahitna. This song tells about someone who is not easy to forget his lover. But it seems that his former lover has forgotten him, so he will let it go and ask her to sent his regards to her new lover.

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J.A.Z - Dari Mata ( From the Eyes ) 

Indonesian music lovers should be happy because many talented young singers appear in this year. Besides Rizky Febian, J.A.Z is one of them. "Dari Mata" is a pop / R & B genre which is his debut in Indonesian music industry.
This song is an easy-listening and ear catchy love song, not surprising this song became one of Indonesia's most popular song of the year.

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Tulus - Cahaya ( Light )

Another best song from Tulus from his Monokrom album,
Cahaya playing with a layer of folk and soul and served with quiet music and vocal prowess from Tulus to play high notes. This song able to continue the popularity of his previous songs such as Monokrom and Ruang Sendiri.

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Raisa - Kali Kedua ( Second Time ) 

A beautiful song from young and talented singer Raisa,
This song is about the second chance, about two people in love who had parted, and then finally back in love with each other, Kali Kedua is a song which included her latest album, Handmade.

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Rendy Pandugo - I Don't Care

A new song from a singer who titled as Indonesian John Mayer, Rendy Pandugo.
This song explained about someone who is no longer care about what will her lover do, and he doesn't love her anymore.
This is a full English lyrics song, it's pretty rare that non-Indonesian song lyrics from Indonesian singer become popular, sure... it's proved that Rendy Pandugo could make Indonesian music lovers fallin' love with his song.

Lyrics: Rendy Pandugo - I Don't Care Lyrics
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Which one is your favorite? Tell us if you know another best Indonesian pop music songs 2017,
Feel free to share this list and add some Indonesian music to your day!
That’s all for our 2017 list. We’ll keep this list of top songs updated.
Thank you!
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