Top 10 Popular Chinese Songs 2021

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There are many good and beautiful Chinese songs released and reach it's popularity last year, such as Eric Chou's What's Wrong? , A-Lin's A Kind of Sorrow, Jay Chou's Won't Cry, and so on. Some of these amazing songs still popular until 2021, but others are not anymore.

So today we will make a special list for you about the top 10 popular Chinese / Mandarin songs in 2021 that you should put these songs in your favorite playlist.

To make this list, we look at several Chinese music charts such as KKBOX, UFO Mandarin Chart, YinYueTai, social media, and our personal opinion and blend it into one list.

(Please note that in this list, we don't just list 2021 released song, but also 2020 or even 2019 songs which are still popular in 2021.)

Last Updated
June 1, 2021

We have added the latest some popular Chinese songs and removed the songs which are not popular anymore.

So, here we go:

MAYDAY 五月天  - Because of You 因為你 所以我 

Let us start this list with the new song from Taiwanese rock group band legend, Mayday 五月天. Because of You is enjoyable-to-listen song that you should listen if you are interested in Chinese music. This song is like a Christmas gift for their fans as this song was released in late December, last year. Its simple yet powerful music arragement makes this song so good and the lyrics is awesome, too. 

只因 世界 再大 不過 你和我
Because it’s just you and I who matter no matter how big the world is
用最小回憶 堆成宇宙
Building our universe with the tiniest bits of memories

Until this post published, Because of You's music video on YouTube has been viewed by more than four million times and became no #1 in some Chinese music chart. No doubt, Mayday is pure legend. 

Crowd Lu 盧廣仲 - Your Name Engraved Herein 刻在我心底的名字 

Another popular Chinese songs in 2021 that you must listen is a amazing song by popular Mandarin singer, Crowd Lu. As we can guess from its title, it's a really sad song. A song about the lover who left him alone, but somehow, he can't forget his lover even for a second.

xīwàng ràng zhè shìjiè jìngzhǐ
I hope the time would stop
xiǎngniàn cái bù huì biàn dé shēchǐ
So I have more time to miss you
rúguǒ yǒu xià cì wǒ huì zài ài yīcì
If I have another chance, I will surely love again
kè zài wǒ xīndǐ de míngzì
Your name engraved herein

This song is an official theme of latest Taiwanese LGBT movie which will premiere on September 30, 2020.

See the lyrics here: Crowd Lu 盧廣仲 - Your Name Engraved Herein 刻在我心底的名字 Lyrics

Andrew Tan 陳勢安 - Mutual Pain 我們都傷

One of the latest song of Malaysian Mandopop singer, Andrew Tan 陳勢安. It's indeed a sad, but great song from Andrew Tan. "We have the same mutual pain, lying in pain, pretending to be strong". You can also watch the song's music video on YouTube, it's great and can make the song more enjoy to listen. This song was released on May 2021. Do you like it?

Eric Chou 周興哲 - After Leaving You 離開你以後

After successful with his When We Were Young album that released in early 2020, Eric Chou finally released a new song in the mid of 2021 called After Leaving You. After Leaving You is the official music theme of 2021 Chinese romantic movie "My Love" 你的婚禮, adapted from popular Korean movie "On Your Wedding Day".

After Leaving You is another Eric's ballad song, just like his How Have You Been, Unbreakable Love, and Enough. If you like these song, I'm sure you will love this song.

See the lyrics here: Eric Chou 周興哲 - Li Kai Ni Yi Hou 離開你以後 Lyrics 歌詞 Pinyin

Ren Ran 任然 - Feng Niao He Chan 飛鳥和蟬 

If we talk about the popular Chinese song in 2021, of course we can't forget the ballad hit from Ren Ran, Fei Niao He Chan. Because of its popularity, there are lot of people that do a cover to her song. This song isn't just popular in mainland China, but also in Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. I bet you've listen to it, too. Before this incredible song, she also had a popular song that was released in 2017 called Kong Kong Ru Ye.

Accusefive 告五人 Where I Lost Us 在這座城市遺失了你 

An amazing song from Accusefive, popular Taiwanese multi-genre group band. Where I Lost Us has been viewed by more than 2 million of views in less than one month after its release on YouTube. Beside that, this song also included in top 10 of several Chinese music chart, especially in Taiwan. Another Accusefive song that also popular these days is "The One And Only". Do you like these song?


831 八三夭 - Miss You 3000 想見你想見你想見你 

The new single from popular Taiwanese band, 831 八三夭. Miss You 3000 想見你想見你想見你 is a bittersweet romantic song that tell us about a man who really missing his dearest. "I want to see you. I just wanna see you. In the past and in the future, I just want to see you." After this song released, Miss You 3000 still retain top 3 spot in some Chinese music charts. The music video that uploaded on YouTube has been watched by more than 23 million views worldwide, there are not many Chinese songs that could get this number of views.  What do you think?

This song is one of the official soundtracks of famous Taiwanese drama, Someday or one day. If you love this song, I'm sure you will fall in love with another soundtrack songs too, check Some day or one day soundtrack list here: Some day or one day OST

Because of its popularity, in August 2020, 831 八三夭 also released a Cantonese version of 想見你想見你想見你, you can see it here: 831 八三夭 - Miss You 3000 想見你想見你想見你 (Canto ver.)

See the lyrics here: 831 八三夭 - Miss You 3000 想見你想見你想見你 Lyrics with English Translation

A Rong 阿冗  - Your Answer 你的答案

A new song from A Rong. Your Answer is a song that impressed me recently. The passionate melody seems to inspire courage in people's hearts. I hope you can find the answer in your heart while listening to this song. Surely a song that worth to listen. This song is popular for a few weeks until now. Have you listen to it?

See the lyrics here: A Rong 阿冗 - Your Answer 你的答案 Lyrics

Power Station 動力火車 - Love Me True 我很好騙 

Love Me True is the latest single of classic Taiwanese rock band, Power Station. Just like another Power Station's song, Love Me True is an energetic rock ballads song. If you are rock ballads song lover, I bet you will like it so much. Love Me True is released two months ago and its music video on YouTube has been watched by more than 3 million people until now.

See the lyrics here: Power Station 動力火車 - Love Me True 我很好騙 Lyrics 歌詞 Pinyin

Weibird Wei 韋禮安 - Just Stay With Me 因為是你

Weibird Wei also know as William Wei is another popular Taiwanese Mandopop singer-songwriter in our list. A few weeks ago, he released a new song called Just Stay With Me or 因為是你 (Yin Wei Shi Ni). This song is the opening credit song of Taiwanese drama called "Tears On Fire". Just Stay With Me has been my favorite song for these several days, how about you?

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Another our personal Chinese songs favorite:

*the MV is below the lyrics.

en - Xiao Zhang 囂張: See the lyrics here.
Feng Ze 邱鋒澤 - Eclipse 日環食 : See the the lyrics here.
Eric Chou 周興哲 - Enough 受夠 : See the lyrics here.
JJ Lin 林俊傑 - Drifter 倖存者 : See the MV and the lyrics here.
Nine Chen 陳零九 - Zou Xin 走心 : See the lyrics here.
Cheng Xiang 程響 Si Ji Yu Ni 四季予你 : see the lyrics here.
胡66 - Hou Lai Yu Jian Ta 後來遇見他 : see the lyrics here.

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So, that is our top 10 popular Chinese/Mandarin songs in 2021. Do you have listened to it all? how do you think?  Do you have your favorite song this year? let's share it with us! And..., don't forget to share this post with your friend and make sure he/she knows these amazing mandarin songs!
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  1. I wish I knew chinese then I might have interest in chinese songs as well. Any how, I have many chinese friends will share it with them and hope that they will love it

    1. Well, you don't have to know the language to like the song. There are millions of kpop fans and most of them aren't Korean

    2. I also don't know Chinese but I love them. They are best for me when I am studying because as I don't know language my mind don't distract with lyrics and they just feel melodic. Well I will learn Chinese some day in future. I love it.

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    1. celine which song from the above article is best of best your suggestions

  3. One of my previous favorites by Craig Huo 霍經倫. (霍经纶).

  4. Da Zhuang 大壯 - We're Different 我們不一樣 is brilliant!
    2nd favorite: JJ Lin 林俊傑 - Little Big Us 偉大的渺小
    Thank you so much for making this list!!! Chines people have talent! (Sammi Chang is my No1)

  5. A correction here, Xue Zhi Qian changed his name to Joker years ago. By the way, thanks for sharing. (Thumbs up)

  6. Hello,

    Heard this song while I was in Beijing last week. Trying to find out what it was. Tried Shazzam with no luck. Not sure how else to find it. Anyone heard it before? Not sure if it's C-pop or what. Link below to some video we captured while it was playing.

  7. Thanks! I really love all these songs that you put in here. Although I am Chinese, I grew up in Hong Kong so I don't really know much Chinese songs. And you introduced me to so many more new Chinese songs. My favorite song is Jay Chou's 告白氣球! I love all Jay Chou's song! Here are some other really awesome songs that he sang: 青花瓷
    9 and 菊花台 (
    Once again, thankyou!

    1. Hello Moon,
      Glad you like our list.
      I'm Jay Chou fans too, both of 青花瓷 and 菊花台 are Jay Chou's Chinese Style Song (中國風). If you like that songs, I'm sure you will like another Jay Chou 中國風 song.
      Anyway, thank you for came to my blog.
      Have a nice day, Moon.

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  9. I am also looking for Kenji Wu his song in pinyin. The 3rd song from his Humorous Life album. Any help with that is appreciated.

    1. Hi Caspar Ter Horst,
      The 3rd song from his latest album is "Humorous Life 人生超幽默" right?
      you can see the lyrics + pinyin here:

  10. Thank you for the list. I’m trying to learn Mandarin and having music to listen and read in English helps.

  11. This is such a cool page! I'm studying Chinese and this helps a lot :)

  12. Thank you for sharing.. Need more mandarin good songs in 2018.. hehe

  13. I am a chinese's student, and I really appreciated all those songs above.
    I wish next times you could post not only songs, but also its lyrics in pinyin it will be great for chinese's students like me.

    1. Hello,
      Sure, we have added the lyrics with pinyin too.
      You can click the link below the song in the list to see the song's lyrics post.

  14. I m surprised that "we are different" wo meng bu yi yang is not in the top ten list. I hear this song everyday at least 4 to 5 times from the radio.

  15. We Representing TINO TIPSY who is a Afro Music Artist and we are looking in Fusion Afro Music with Chinese In It.. We would be Collaborating with one of this Artist to make that Magic Happen.. Watch Out The Space

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  17. 第一個是什麽鬼啊,這些歌都只是臺灣流行的吧,大陸和香港被你吃了嗎

  18. Hello, can somebody help me find a chinese song. It’s a duet with a man and a woman and it has a black and white mv and they were sitting across each other!

  19. Thank you so much for this list! Not only it's full of great songs to listen to, it's always keep updating! which is great, but there are so many amazing songs that used to be on this list and are now nowhere to be seen (for example Joker Xue's Actress, A-Mei's Full Name , Eason Chan's Let Me Stay By Your Side, Li Yu Gang etc...), do you think you can separate the list according to years? that way there'll be a list for each year which will make it easier to follow:)
    Thank you so much:)

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  21. i have a handful of recommendations for cpop songs if you're into r&b, hip-hop, edm, and trap <3

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