Top 10 Popular Chinese Songs 2017

In this post, we want to share with you, our Top 10 Popular Chinese / Mandarin Songs 2017 you must hear.

There are many good and beautiful Chinese songs released and reach it's popularity last year, such as Eric Chou's How Have You Been? , Hebe Tien's A Little Happiness, Mayday's Here, After, Us and much more. Some of them still popular now, but others is not anymore.

To make this list, we have summarized several Chinese music charts such as KKBOX, UFO Mandarin Chart, YinYueTai, social media, and our personal opinion.

(Please note that in this list, we don't just list 2017 released song, but also 2016,2015 songs which still popular in 2017.)

Last Update.
September 1, 2017.
We have added latest some popular Chinese songs and removed the songs which are not popular anymore.

So, here we go:

Li Yu Gang 李玉剛 - Gang Hao Yu Jian Ni 剛好遇見你 

Our first favorite Chinese songs 2017 is Gang Hao Yu Jian Ni 剛好遇見你 (Happened met you) from Li Yu Gang 李玉剛.
This song was released in May this year and became one of most popular Chinese song. One of Gang Hao Yu Jian Ni 剛好遇見你 video which was uploaded on Youtube by Seanchou music Channel hit 20 Million viewer until now. It's a beautiful song, for sure. Listen this song and tell us what is your opinion about it on comment section.

See the lyrics: Li Yu Gang 李玉剛- Gang Hao Yu Jian Ni 剛好遇見你 Lyrics ( + English Translation )

Namewee黄明志, Wang Lee Hom 王力宏 - Stranger In The North 漂向北方

A new song from Malaysian singer Namewee with Wang Lee Hom,
A great rap from Namewee and beautiful Wang Lee Hom voice makes this song become such an amazing song. This song is tell about a migrant life in the Northern China (Beijing).
Stranger in the North become one of hottest Chinese song this year because it become #1 on several music charts, and it also still become one of the most read lyrics on Musicacrossasia this month,
For me, Stranger in the North is one of the best songs on Namewee's latest album, CROSSOVER ASIA.

See the lyrics here: Namewee 黃明志- Stranger In The North 漂向北方歌詞( feat. Wang Leehom 王力宏)

Jay Chou 周杰倫 - Confession Balloons 告白氣球

Confession Balloons is a song which I loved most from Jay Chou's Bedtime Stories album.
After almost one year after the first debut, Confession Balloon still becomes Chinese music lovers favorite.
With cherish music, beautiful MV, and lovely lyrics make this song still become top 10 popular Chinese song in some charts.
Confession Balloon is a romantic song which will make every people (especially girl) who hears it will 'melting'.

See the lyrics here: Jay Chou 周杰倫 - Gaobai Qiqiu 告白氣球 with English Translation

G.E.M - Light Years Away 光年之外

Top 10 Popular Chinese Songs 2017

Gloria Tang which popular as G.E.M is chosen to sung Chinese version official soundtrack of Hollywood's movie, Passenger.
Light Years Away lyrics is matched with the movie which expressing the leads love for each other and being destined together despite the hardships.
Have you listened it?

Listen to it here: G.E.M - Light Years Away

Eason Chan 陳奕迅 - Let Me Be Your Side 讓我留在你身邊

This is a new song from Hong Kongese superstar Eason Chan,
This single is released last December, which just one month after he released I Do single.
This song is highly accepted by Chinese music lovers, for me, it's an exciting, inspirational song. 
Anyway, this song also is sung by an ex-EXO member, LuHan.

JiaJia 家家 - Playhouse 家家酒

This song is part of JiaJia's Still Missing album which released last year.
This song is still popular until now, and it ranked top 3 in KKBOX chart.
Playhouse is an official music theme of Taiwanese romantic comedy series 極品絕配 (The Perfect Match).

Crowd Lu 盧廣仲 - He-R 魚仔 (Fish)

快魚仔 ver.

Another our favorite Chinese song these days is He-R from Taiwanese Indie Pop Star Crowd Lu. He-R is a Taiwanese word meaning fish. This song is the theme song of popular TV drama A Boy Named Flora 花甲男孩轉大人, which Lu act as the protagonist. This song is sung on Chinese and Taiwanese in some parts. I love this song when in the first time I heard it. Anyway, there is also another version of this song which is 快魚仔 (Fast Fish). Just like the song title, that another version was cheerful with fast tone, besides the original version which is slow and mellow-ish.

Nana Lee 李千娜 - Bu Ceng Hui Lai Guo 不曾回來過

This song is an official music theme of Taiwanese drama called 通靈少女 (The Teenage Psychic), it's a ballad song with sad lyrics. Absolutely, it's a good song and I can't remove it from my favorite playlist. This song steadily in top 3 in some charts ranking.

Lyrics: Nana Lee 李千娜 - Bu Ceng Hui Lai Guo 不曾回來過 Lyrics

Jacky Xue 薛之謙 / Hebe Tien 田馥甄 - Actress 演員

For me, 演員/ Actress is the best song from Jacky Xue,
Actress/Actor originally sung by Jacky Xue Zhi Qian which released two years ago and I can't deny that this song is still popular until right now.
Moreover, Taiwanese pop star Hebe Tien also sung this song on Chinese music show, Sound of My Dream makes this song reach its popularity again in 2017.

Another songs from Joker Xue which gone popular this year are 曖昧 Ambigous Love and 我害怕 I'm Afraid.

See the lyrics here: Xue Zhiqian 薛之謙 - Yan Yuan 演員, Ambigious Love 曖昧 LyricsI'm Afraid 我害怕 Lyrics

Eric 周興哲 - How Have You Been 你, 好不好

Our favorite, best, and popular Mandarin songs 2017 is How Have You Been from Eric Chou Xing Zhe.
Even this song popularity slowly down, but still... I think this song is worthy enough to be included in this list.

See also: 5 Best 周興哲 Eric Chou Songs You Must HearEric Chou 周興哲 2017 Concert and Tour Dates

A ballad song from new rising star can make his fans and Chinese music lover fallin' love with that song.
Eric 周興哲 just released his latest song which titled 永不失聯的愛 (Unbreakable Love), It's an another ballad song and it's pretty good too! Have you listened it?

Another our personal Chinese songs favorite:

*the MV is below the lyrics.

R-Chord ft. Z-Chen - Without You : See the MV and the lyrics here.
TFBOYS - Our Time : See the MV and the lyrics here.
Xiao Yu - So Called Love : See the MV and the lyrics here.
Xiao Yu - With You : See the MV and the lyrics here.
J.Sheon - Don't Ask : See the MV and the lyrics here.


So, that is our top 10 popular Chinese/Mandarin songs in 2017.
Are you have listened to it all? how do you think? 
Do you have your favorite song this year? let's share it with us!
And..., don't forget to share this post to your friend and make sure he/she know these good mandarin songs!
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  1. I wish I knew chinese then I might have interest in chinese songs as well. Any how, I have many chinese friends will share it with them and hope that they will love it

    1. Well, you don't have to know the language to like the song. There are millions of kpop fans and most of them aren't Korean

  2. One of my previous favorites by Craig Huo 霍經倫. (霍经纶).