Top 10 Popular Thai Songs in 2021

Thai song become more and more popular, especially in the Southeast Asia as Thai pop culture industry growth very well.

In this article, we are going to look at these 10 popular Thai songs in 2020 that you can listen to exploring Thai even better than before.

Top 10 Popular Thai Songs in 2020

Please keep in mind that the songs that we listed below isn't just a 2021-released song, but also 2019-2020 songs that still popular in 2021.

Ready to explore the Thai pop popular songs in 2021? Let's go!

ANATOMY RABBIT – Extraordinary

Extraordinary is the latest hit from popular Thai singer, ANATOMY RABBIT. It's a easy listening song that you will fall in love with it in the first time you listen it. ANATOMY RABBIT is Thai indie band that its popularity skyrocketed in this year. Their first hit is "Are You out yet" that released back then in 2019. On 1 March, 2021, this song official audio that released on YouTube has been watched by more than 30 million viewers, amazing!

INK WARUNTORN – Eyes don't lie สายตาหลอกกันไม่ได้

The latest song of popular Thai singer, Ink Waruntorn. This song is just released a few days ago and receive a great acceptence by Thai music lovers. Eyes don't lie music video got 3 million views within 1 week after released for the first time. It's a nice song with catching tune that will make your mood turns perfect. Another song of her that also popular in 2021 is อยากเริ่มต้นใหม่กับคนเดิม (repeat)

Three Man Down – ถ้าเธอรักฉันจริง Taa Ter Rak Chan Jing (If You Love Me)

This song was released in late 2020, but its popularity is still at its high until now. No doubt, that it's a really good song with really nice lyrics. "If you truly love me, then go and set you free, please walk away as far away as you can" I bet you will feel the emotions and pain on this song, do you?  46 millions of view is a proof that Thai music lovers love this song so much. Great job, Three Man Down!

F.HERO Ft. Txrbo - จำเลยรัก (Defendant Of Love) 

If you are interested in hip hop song, this song is for you.
จำเลยรัก (Jam Loiie Rak) which translated as Defendant of Love is one of the popular Thai song in 2021. It's an amazing song for sure, great collaboration between two great singer F.HERO and Txrbo.
 Until now, its official music video on YouTube has been watched by more than 60 millions viewers in total.

Getsunova – ความเงียบดังที่สุด (Kwaam ngiap dang tee sut)

Another veteran, experienced, talented Thai band Getsunova added in this list. Last year, they released new single called ความเงียบดังที่สุด (Kwaam ngiap dang tee sut) and got amazing attention from Thai music lovers. Isn't an easy job to got more than 100 million views on YouTube, but they did it.
Beside this title, another Getsunova's song which popular in this year is พระเอกจำลอง  (Praayk jam long) which is an official sound track of Thai drama, The Theory of Love.

PALMY - ซ่อนกลิ่น (Son Ga Lin)

Another popular Thai songs in 2021 is an amazing song of Eve Pancharoen, well know by her stage name Palmy. ซ่อนกลิ่น (Son Ga Lin) tell us a story about old relationship that you can't forget. It's indeed a soothing song that you have to listen. Another Thai song that got more than 100 million of viewers on YouTube.
Beside this song, she also released a new song on early of this year called ดวงใจ (Duang jai). If you like Son Ga Lin, you'll like it too.

Billkin - กีดกัน Skyline

Our next Thai song on this list is กีดกัน (Geet Gan) "Skyline" from Billkin. Billkin is talented Thai actor-singer that so popular in Thailand. It's an indeed good song with beautiful lyrics, too (They added an English cc on its music video on YouTube). This song is the official themes song of Thai romantic drama TV series, I Told Sunset About You..

URBOYTJ - ช่วยไม่ได้ (CAN'T HELP)

Jirayut Palporakarn, popular as URBOYTJ is released another great song in 2021. Chuaay Mai Daai or translated as Can't Help in English is one of the popular Thai song in 2021 that you shouldn't miss to listen it. URBOYTJ is one of the most popular Thai singer that has big fan base across the country. Try to listen this song and tell us how do you think?

First Anuwat - คลั่งรัก (Crazy)

A romantic song with sweet lyrics that will make you melted in a seconds. "It takes only your smile to make me so crazy, my heart shivers, You're way too cute". This song has so funny music video that you should watch it, too. Indeed a great song from First Anuwat, no doubt that this song is become one of the most popular Thai song in 2021.

Zom Marie -  หรือฉันคิดไปเอง  (Reu Chan Kit Bpai Ayng)

หรือฉันคิดไปเอง  (Reu Chan Kit Bpai Ayng) another amazing Thai song in 2020. Zom Marie is the popular Thai-French singer who released some popular songs in her previous works.

The song which titled "Kidding?" in English version is one of the popular Thai songs in 2020 and 2021, topped top 5 in some Thai music charts. And its music video on YouTube has been watched by more than 17 million views.

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So that is our best and popular Thai songs in 2021. How do you feel? Which one do you like the most?

If you're enjoy this list, don't hesitate to share it with your friends, make sure they know these famous Thai songs.

Thank you, have a good day!
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