Top 7 Popular Cantonese Pop Songs 2020

Cantonese pop (HK Pop) is a genre of Cantonese music which reached its popularity in 1980s and slight revival in 2010s. Cantonese pop songs are popular in many countries such as China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and many more. If you are interested with Cantopop, I bet you will love this post.

Top 7 Popular Cantonese Pop Songs 2019

In this post, we will make a list of the popular Cantonese songs in 2020 based on several music charts in Hong Kong. So, here we go:

Pakho Chau 周柏豪 - Joeng Ngoi Gou Fei 讓愛高飛

Our first song in this popular Cantonese song list is Joeng Ngoi Gou Fei 讓愛高飛 by Famous Hongkong Singer, Pakho Chau. This song released several month ago and became one of the most played song this month. Joeng Ngoi Gou Fei is a TV Program "Wonder Woman" Theme Song with Pakho as one of the cast. Listen to this song and tell us how do you think?

See the lyrics here: 周柏豪 Pakho Chau - 讓愛高飛 Joeng Ngoi Gou Fei 歌詞 Lyrics

Dear Jane - 銀河修理員 Galactic Repairman 

The famous Hong Kong rock band, Dear Jane with his new song, 銀河修理員 (Galactic Repairman) reached the top 1 spot in KKBOX Hong Kong. That result is reasonable because this song is very good, one of the best new Cantonese pop song. The music video of this song in Youtube also beautiful too, it has got almost 1 million viewers with just less than 2 weeks after its release.

Gin Lee 李幸倪 - 敢 Gam

敢 (Gam) is the latest song of the Malaysian Cantopop singer, Gin Lee 李幸倪. The song that released in March 2020 reach top 5 in some music chart of Cantopop. This song is another RnB song that popular in 2020 beside AGA's Mad. For you, which one is better?

Phil Lam 林奕匡 - Gu Duk Dik Deoi Ngon 孤獨的對岸

Gu Duk Dik Deoi Ngon 孤獨的對岸 is our next song in this list, sung by famous singer Phil Lam 林奕匡. This is a refreshing and romantic song from Phil Lam. If you are interested in Cantopop, you have to pick this song to your favorite song list. The best part of this song for me is the saxophone part, it's really nice to hear. How do you think?

HANA 菊梓喬 - Jyu Gwo Nei Ming Bak 如果你明白

This song interprets the story of a girl secretly admiring a boy. He cares about her very much and treats her very well. When he is in bad day, she will always appear the first time, but he already has someone he likes. Girls can only hide their feelings, preferring to be a pair of confidants who will never break up with boys, and alone dreaming that one day boys will understand her intentions. Do you like it?

AGA 江海迦 - Mad

Agatha Kong 江海迦, better known as AGA released her latest single called Mad. AGA who famous with its RnB style came to her another success with this song. This song is tell us about a fiery love of girl to her loved one. If you like the beat and RnB song, you will like it. After its released, this song became of the most favorite Cantonese songs in 2020.

Angela Hui 許靖韻  - Bit Wai Ngo Hou 別為我好 

The latest Cantonese song from Angela Hui. This song just released one weeks ago, and now this song became one of the most popular Cantonese song in this week. In this song, Angela Hui collaborated with Phil Lam as the composer of this song. Try to listen it and tell us how do you think about this song?

Another Top Cantonese Pop Songs in 2020 that You Should Listen:

  • Kay Tse 謝安琪 - 再度
  • Jinny Ng 吳若希 - 這位蠢才
  • JUDE - 零分
  • Janice Vidal - 低半度
  • Hins Cheung - You

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So that is our list of top 7 popular Cantonese Pop songs in 2020. Which one is your favorite Hong Kong pop songs? If you have your personal favorite Cantopop songs, share it with us in the comment section below. Don't forget to share this post to your Cantopop songs lover friends. Thank you
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  1. My current favourite is by Victor Wong, Soul Mate, soundtrack from the drama series Guardian Angel. Brings back memories of the golden era of the 80s and 90s when we were spoilt for choices.