Jay Chou released a new single, Mojito

Great news from Jay Chou fans. Today, he just released a new single: Mojito. This is the first song that the King of Mandopop release in this year.

Jay Chou Mojito

His latest song single title is inspired by a famous Cuban cocktail, Mojito. Just like the title, the arrangement of this song is influenced by the amazing Cuban Latin-flavors and style. We can listen a beautiful traditional instruments of Cuba, such as Maracas and Guiros.

In less than one day after its release, Mojito music video on Youtube has been viewed by more than three million times, downloaded more than three million times on some major Chinese-streaming music.

This is not the first time Jay Chou released a song with a Latin-style arrangement. Before Mojito, he also has some songs that have similar genre such as 迷迭香 (Rosemary) and 紅模仿 (Moulin Rouge).

A few days ago, Jay Chou reportedly went to several places in Cuba to filming the music video. He said that he always wanted to go there because there are a lot of beautiful antique cars there.

Jay Chou in Cuba

Mojito is the first song that Jay Chou release this year. But this is will not be the only one, he added that he may release a new album after the release of this song.

You can listen this song some several music streaming services just like Spotify, Joox, Mymusic. You can see the music video with the pinyin lyrics of Mojito hereJay Chou 周杰倫 - Mojito

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