New Jay Chou 周杰倫 Songs List This Year

On this 2016, Jay Chou has finally released his latest album "Jay Chou's Bedtime Stories" ( 周杰倫的床邊故事 ) with a total of ten new songs.

Jay Chou 2016 New Song List

In this his latest album, Jay Chou bring you together through the magic back to childhood, to create a bedtime story in the fantasy world !
Are you ready to keep your eyes open, ears open, listening to the story together yet?
Check this out !

1. 床邊故事 ( Chuang Bian Gushi ) / Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories is the first song from Jay latest album, you can see the lyric here : Jay Chou - Bedtime Stories Lyric

2. 說走就走 ( Shuo Zou Jiu Zou ) / Lets Go

One of my favorite track from Jay Chou's Bedtime Stories, lyric : Jay Chou - Shou Zou Jiu Zou Lyric

3. 一點點 ( Yi Dian Dian ) / A Little Bit

Track 3 is a slow and ballad song , if you like the Jay Chou ballad , you will like this!
lyric : Jay Chou - A Little Bit lyric

4. 前世情人 ( Qian Shi Qing Ren ) / Lover from The Past

This is a 'special' song on this album, because Qian Shi Qing Ren is inspired based on a piano improv piece by Jay's daughter Hathaway, lyric : Jay Chou - Qian Shi Qing Ren lyric

5. 英雄 ( Yong Xiong ) / Hero

英雄 is theme song from video games, LOL ( League of Legends ), This song was written by Jay Chou.

6. 不該 ( Bu Gai ) / Should'nt Be , feat. aMEI

This is the only collaboration song on the jay Chou latest album, cool song! wanna sing it ? see the lyric here : Jay Chou - Shouldn't Be feat. aMEI

7. 土耳其冰淇淋 ( Tuerqi Bingqilin ) / Turkish Ice Cream

Lyric : Jay Chou - Turkish Ice Cream Lyric

8. 告白氣球 ( Gaobai Qiqiu ) / Advertising Baloon

A lovely song, another favorite song from Bedtime Stories ~ lyric :

9. Now You See Me

Now You See Mee is the official soundtrack from Now You See Me 2 movie, lyric : Jay Chou - Now You See Me Lyric

10. 愛情廢柴 ( Aiqing Feichai ) / Failure at Love

The last track from Jay Chou's Bedtime Stories album is Aiqing Feichai, it's another ballad song from this album. see the lyric here : Jay Chou - Aiqing Feichai Lyric

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That is the list of Jay Chou songs from the latest album, I hope it will be useful for you.
You can buy it on KKBOX or iTunes , thank you !


And now, with 2017 with just a few days again, Jay Chou is still not confirmed any new single,
So we have to wait it.
Make sure to save this page, I'll do the best to make this list fresh updated.
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