5 Best 周興哲 Eric Chou Songs You Must Hear

Eric Chou 周興哲 ( Zhou Xing Zhe ) is young talented Taiwanese singer, he moved to USA when he 13 and back to Taiwan when he 18, he become popular when Eric Chou's "Let's Not Be Friend in Future" ( 以後別做朋友 ) become official soundtrack of Taiwanese drama "The Way We Were".

5 Best 周興哲 Eric Chou Songs You Must Hear

Until now, he has released 2 albums so far. The first one is "My Way To Love" 學著愛 and the latest is "What Love Has Taught Us" 愛,教會我們的事 which released this month.

So, we have some favorites Eric Chou songs, and I want to share it with you all, here we go:

5. Crying for Xmas ( 愛在聖誕 ) , feat. Rosie 楊凱琳

Crying for Xmas is the one and only Eric Chou song which duet with another singer , Crying for Xmas is a perfect lovely song with beautiful lyrics. 
I love to hear when Eric and Rosie singing together when their voices blend . . . it's awesome!
"oh baby I will love you forever~"

See the lyrics here : Crying for Xmas Lyrics

4. Let's not be friend in the future ( 以後別做朋友 )

"Let's not be friend in the future" is OST of "The Way We Were" ( 16個夏天 ) , "Let's not be friend in the future" is Eric Chou debut song, released on 2014 as a newcomer,with this ballad song Eric Chou perfectly make us feel so ... duh, I don't have any word to write it.

Listen the song and tell us what do you think about this song!

3. I Loved You ( 我愛過你 )

I Loved You released two months ago, so this is another new song from Eric Chou, another lovely song from Eric Chou, beautiful and romantic lyrics and music... as always.
"I loved you, so lucky to meet the beautifulest, thank you.. every second with you are interesting"

2. What Love Has Taught Us ( 愛,教會我們的事 )

Eric Chou with his sincere highly emotional tone, singing and moving through the process with the story.
An easy listening song with beautiful calm music so we can "comfortable flowing" when we listen to this song, love this song!

See the lyrics here : What Love Has Taught Us Lyrics

1. How Have You Been ? (你,好不好?)

So... the Best 周興哲 Eric Chou Song goes to "How Have You Been?" ( 你,好不好? )...
How Have You Been Occupy the major well-known Hit Music chart ( KKBOX, Omusic, myMusic, iTunes) for a long time..., "How Have You Been?" have a "deep meaning" lyrics which will make we overflowing with feelings of regret and missing.
Eric Chou really can make us feel what the song "says"... amazing.

You can buy Eric Chou songs here : iTunes and KKBOX


Eric released some new songs in 2017, 永不失聯的愛 and 愛在身邊, both is titled "Unbreakable Love" in English.
I love those songs so much, especially the 永不失聯的愛. It's a mellow ballad song with good music composition. It's not surprised me that this song became #1 on several Chinese music charts. It's really enjoyable song. Can't wait for Eric Chou's new album!
Also, we've made an English Translation of those songs, you can see it here:
愛在身邊 (Ai Zai Shen Bian) Lyrics + English Translation,   永不失聯的愛 (Yong Bu Shi Lian De Ai) Lyrics + English Translation
See the MVs below:

That is 5 Best 周興哲 Eric Chou Songs You Must Hear according to Musicacrossasia, which one is your favorite Eric Chou song? 
Do you have your own list of Eric Chou best songs? let's share with us in the comments field.
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